J.A.W. Products, Inc. is a family owned and managed business located in southern New Jersey just a few miles from the City of Philadelphia.

For over 30 years, the owner has been employed in the machinery industry. He served and completed a four year Machinist Apprenticeship followed by a Tool & Die Maker Apprenticeship.  He has worked in a job shop environment designing and building small intricate progressive and wire forming dies. In 1996, he started J.A.W. Products and the results are a production machine shop and orthodontic manufacturing department.

We strive to satisfy our customers with high quality materials, products and services.  This is our #1 priority.  Our machining and assembly professionals are committed to our customers by meeting these standards and continuing to fabricate quality products on time.  We are aware that our clients have customers that they need to serve and we will do everything we can to assure our customer meets their goals.

Metal Fabrication

Our machine shop has been making precision metal parts using Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, 310 Stainless, Inconel as well as aluminum, brass and Monel for various industries and suppliers. We take pride in the quality of products we make and commitment to on time delivery to our customers as well as our diversity. We have the ability to design, build, and machine products such as wire forming orthodontic wires,transmission valves, vane segment seals for power generation gas turbines. We can reverse engineer parts if drawings aren’t available. We have certified machnists and toolmakers with as much as 32 years experience.


Adams Clasp

Adams Clasp

Our area of expertise in the wire forming business enables us to form small diameter stainless steel wire into various orthodontic wires that the dental lab use to create their appliances for orthodontic patients. We make very intricate parts for the orthodontic field such as Adams Clasps, Flatbow Labial Archwires, Wrap-Around Archwires, Lingual Bars and Retainers, as well as a variety of other dental parts. These are made by our expert technicians, as well as inspected and packaged by a trained staff.  Visit our orthodontic website to view our orthodontic products at J.A.W. Products, Inc.


Our punch press area has 10 punch presses which range in tonnage from 2 ton – 60 ton. We use these to run our forming, blanking and progressive dies to manufacture precision weights and measures, wire forming and stamping out various shapes. The wire formed is pre-straightened and cut in-house using a TAK wire straightener system.

Templates in Time